10 Amazing Facts About Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries and yet we’re still learning what these amazing oils can offer. Essential oils not only smell beautiful but they can also provide incredible benefits to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Essential oils are extracted from plants to retain the natural aroma and unique compounds found in the individual plant. Today, we’ll be sharing just some of the amazing facts relating to essential oils.

1.      Essential oils began in ancient Egypt

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and are thought to date back to ancient Egypt in 2,000BC where the oils were used for beauty and religious purposes.

2.      Essential oils work quickly

Essential oils take only around 22 seconds to reach your brain and, incredibly, after only 20 minutes the oils have had an impact on every cell in your body.

3.      Essential oils can be inhaled or applied topically

If you want to use essential oils, they can be inhaled by simply breathing in the product or using a diffuser. You can also apply it topically to the skin, but always diluted.

4.      Essential oils require a lot of plants

Essentials oils are potent and there’s a good reason for this – it takes kilos of plant matter to produce a small amount of oil. As an example, it takes around one and a half kilograms of lavender to make 15mls of oil.

5.      Essential oils can’t be patented

Essential oils can’t be patented which means that no one can prevent others from producing the oil from a certain plant. As the oils come from naturally occurring plants, it remains in the public domain.

6.      Essential oils should be stored in dark bottles

It’s important that essentials oils are stored in dark bottles away from heat and light. This prevents degradation of the therapeutic properties in the oils.

7.      Essential oil can only be extracted from certain plants

Many people assume that essential oils can be extracted from any plant. However, this is not the case. Out of all of the plant species, it’s estimated that only around 1% of the plant population produces essential oil.

8.      Essential oils can improve mental health

Essential oils can provide significant health benefits to those suffering from emotional issues, such as stress or anxiety. For example, jasmine and lavender essential oils are thought to boost your mood and reduce stress levels.

9.      Essential oils can assist with muscular pain

If you suffer from muscular aches and pains, essential oils could be just what you need. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils have been widely used in this application due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Essential oils can boost skin health

Essential oils have a well-earned reputation for improving the health of the skin. For example, rose and geranium essential oils soften the skin and have anti-ageing qualities. Essential oil should always be diluted before being used on the skin.


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