Refill Reduce Reuse

How it Works

After you choose your favourite bathing ritual and place your first order, you will receive your products in reusable glass bottles. Continue using the products until you feel it is time for a top-up. Then you will have an option to buy refills for your bottles.

Refills come in a clear, reusable pouch and made for simple and stress-free refilling process. Simply unscrew the pump on top of your glass bottle, give it a good rinse and let it dry. Then take your pouch and pour the contents into the glass bottle until it is filled, leaving some space at the top. Put the pump back on the glass bottle and continue using your product as per usual.

Once the refills are empty, give them a rinse and send them back to us to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with special equipment. Remember that all your refill orders come with return envelop to post back to us. 

By purchasing reusable glass bottles and reusable refills, you contribute to the decrease of the remarkable amount of waste the beauty industry generates daily.

Our Promise to you

Luxury Bath Co. is a passion project that was created based on love towards our environment. We hope what we will encourage you to reevaluate individual choices you make in life and improve them. In return, we promise to continue delivering the best natural products that are packaged and delivered to you with sustainability in mind. By making the right individual decisions, together we can create the future free of environmental issues for all the generations to come.

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Your choice

We all make our own choices every day; therefore, we shape our reality. It is essential to remember that by making a sustainable choice, we bring ourselves and the rest of the world closer to a cleaner environment. If we continue to put the responsibility on the government to take action or wait for the right Greens policies to get approved, we might not see a significant change anytime soon. 

Recycling has been encouraged for a while now, but you can take a step further and start reusing everything – from coffee cups to clothes. Some companies have found ways to use bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics, but there are still various drawbacks to that option. 


Empowering you

As individuals, we hold power to change ourselves, our choices and the environment. The same way retailers decide to pack their goods in plastic, you can control how much you buy and what you buy.  When you make a conscious decision to reuse, you eliminate any drawbacks that come with other preferences.

Luxury Bath Co. was created to empower you and lead you towards making the right environmental choice. Our products and the process of reusing was carefully crafted to make it easier for you to strive towards a sustainable future.

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