Exotic destinations for your bucket list – immerse into the baths of the world

Bathing ceremonies and rituals vary throughout different regions and cultures. When travelling, it is enriching to experience other cultures traditions first hand. Self-care and relaxation are necessary for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Bathing is a common method of self-care and is practised worldwide in many different ways. Here we can explore the methods that people choose in order to nurture and pamper their bodies.

Temazcal Rituals originated in ancient Mayan culture and are still practised in Mexico and South America. A Temazcal is best described as a small stone hut that fits 2-4 people in it at a time. You enter the hut and lay on a mat while a Shaman brings in hot rocks to place in the centre. They then pour water over the rocks which produce intense steam. The entrance of the Temazcal is sealed, creating darkness and serenity. The Shaman may cleanse your body with tea and herbs while you lay. Temazcal rituals can last for up to 2 hours, depending on your preferences and are beneficial to the mind, body and soul. They are usually concluded by chanting or drumming before the Temazcal is reopened for you to exit and rehydrate.

Calistoga Napa Valley mud baths have been popular for centuries. The Indian Wappo tribe used volcanic ash from nearby volcanoes and combined it with natural hot spring water to create an enriching mud mixture. This mixture is poured in a bath or wrapped around the body. After submerging yourself in the mud it is common to wash the remnants off with a light exfoliant followed by a moisturiser. The mud is said to remove toxins and impurities from the skin and rejuvenate tired muscles and joints.

Iceland’s blue lagoon is a popular attraction among tourists. The warm geothermal water has nourishing and healing benefits of the vitamins and minerals contained in seawater and freshwater. Blue Lagoon offers various indulgent packages involving entry to the lagoon itself and their day spa and accommodation on-site. The lagoon is stunning and revitalising. It is well worth a visit when possible.

A Turkish Hammam is a bathhouse. These are primarily located in Turkey and Morocco and are known as a public bathhouse. The regular layout of these bathhouses consists of 3 separate rooms. A hot room for steaming, a warm room to scrub and a cool room to relax. These areas are gender separated. For women, it is common to wear only underwear under a provided cloth with no bra. For men, it is common to wear nothing or only underwear under the cloth. At a Turkish Hammam, you can pay for an attendant to scrub and wash your body and you have the added option of requesting different forms of massage. It is a peaceful and relaxing process that leaves your skin purified and fresh.

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