1. About Luxury Bath Co.

What Luxury Bath Co. is about?

Here at Luxury Bath Co., we believe in taking care of yourself and the planet. We promote beauty in all aspects of life but not at the expense of the planet. We offer you stunning luxury bath products inspired by rituals from around the world so you can bring these experiences into your own home. With our products, you can enjoy the scents of Arabia, Polynesia and Japan and take some time for some well-deserved self-care. Our philosophy also ensures that you reduce waste thanks to our refillable  shampoo & body wash glass bottles.

How are we doing it?

We have created simple, effective  products using essential oils and natural base ingredients to transport you to exotic bathing rituals across the world. We employed a simple product development process to give you an luxurious experience inside of your bathroom. We don’t use complex ingredients – instead, we promise you that our products will clean and nourish your mind and body.

We’re passionate about being proactive reducing our impact on the environment. We’re proud to give you a plastic-free options in your bathroom when you buy our shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion in the reusable glass bottles. After you’re finished using your products, simply get reusable refills from our online shop which you can post back to us for a clean, sterilise and further refill.

Who are we?

Our founder is a busy young woman who had an idea of a plastic-free bathroom filled with natural, simple products in a stylish packaging. A business manager by trade, she is also a wife and a mother who wanted to make an impact on a the beauty industry with waste reducing products. 

Taking an idea and making it into the reality took a lot of people, advice and research. All of the Luxury Bath Co. products are manufactured and packaged in Australia. We have involved over 20 other businesses to create our products. To start the business, you don’t need to know everything straight away – you just need to know the right people, collaborate and trust them.

Why are we doing it?

We all live busy lives but more than ever we need to find ways to address our impact on the environment. Of course, this is often easier said than done. However, reducing your waste is a practical way of addressing  our environmental impact – think about how much we throw out each day and you’ll realise how much of a positive impact waste reduction can have.

We love quality beauty products and beautiful packaging and we want to bring a touch of luxury into your home. You need to make sure you take time for yourself and we want you to focus on your own wellbeing, while also being responsible for the environment. We believe every household can take responsibility to create as little rubbish as possible. Remember to reuse where possible – reuse takeaway coffee cups, reuse shopping bags, reuse water bottle, and reuse your beauty product bottles!

To find out more about how you can pamper yourself with customised bathing rituals while also helping reduce waste, explore the Luxury Bath Co. range today.