1 Arabian Bathing Ritual

Arabian bathing Ritual

Mysterious scent of Arabian spices

Public Bath Houses, or Hammam, have long been an important part of The Arabian Bathing Ritual and its ancient tradition dating back centuries. Hammam roughly translates to ‘Hot Water’ in Arabian and its history can be traced back to the Ancient Romans who popularised the idea of Bath Houses. Create your own Hammam with our luxury bathing products crafted in Western Australia. 

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Visiting The Hammam Was Considered A Purification Process To Cleanse Both The Body And The Soul And They Were Often Located Near Mosques. Men And Women Had Separate Bath Houses And Although They Were Nude Inside The Hot Rooms, Clothing Was Required In Other Areas. Public Bathing Was Essential Due To A Lack Of Plumbing Inside Homes And The Hammam Were A True Social Epicentre. The Hammam Typically Consists Of A Hot Steam Bath And Whole Body Exfoliation Before A Final Rinse.

Social Bathing.
One Of The Most Interesting Aspects Of The Hammam Is The Stunning Architecture Used In The Construction Of The Public Bath Houses. The Hammam Continues To Play An Important Role In Arabian Culture To This Day, Particularly In Turkey And Morocco. Bathing Rituals Have Played An Important Role In Arabian Culture For Centuries And It Not Only Involves The Cleansing Of The Body But Also The Mind. The Arabian Bathing Ritual Is Also An Important Way To Socialise And Connect With Others In The Community.
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Luxury bathing Experience at home.

With our beautiful range of Australian-made Luxury bath products, you can enjoy the essence of an invigorating Arabian bathing ritual in your own home. Our products are ethically produced using natural ingredients. 

The products in our Arabian line have been created using essential oils. Cinnamon in our hair care line is known to boost hair health and growth. Laurel in our bath salts is known to help with sore muscles and joints. Clove in our luxury body wash and body lotions will help to bring a warm sensation on your skin.  Rose essential oil and olive are also included to moisturise dry skin for a truly indulgent experience. Take some time for yourself as you experience the sensations and aromas of our Arabian bath house experience.

Benefits of Essential Oils.


Aromatherapeutic benefits of cinnamon are well known to diminish the feeling of exhaustion and depression, as well as reduce infections and strengthen immunity.

In beauty, cinnamon is known to calm dry skin, address acne, infections and rushes. It also helps with slowing the process of the skin ageing and revives the skin tone.


Numerous studies showed that Clove essential oil is great is assisting with maintaining normal gastrointestinal motility, especially during stressful moments of your life. 

The clove oil has beautiful woody spicy smell which will give you a feeling of warmth.


Rose oil is known as a ‘liquid gold’ and is great for all skin types to promote radiant health look. 

It can help to reduce inflammation and skin  flare-ups. The oil is also used to reduce the signs of ageing. 

Bay Laurel.

Bay Laurel known to promote confidence and encourage for a new brave ideas. In ancient times, Laurel leaves were used to celebrate victory and high status. 

Laurel is an astringent, it helps to prevent hair loss as it tightens the grip of the hair follicles tighten. It is a great moisturises for scalp and helps to prevent dandruff and dry scalp. 

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