2 Japanese Bathing Ritual

Japanese bathing Ritual

Relax in Japanese Onsen

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In Japanese Culture, bathing is more than just cleansing your body. It is a Meditative Experience which allows you the opportunity to relax your mind and body. Bathing is considered essential to cleanse both the body and soul, and taking the time to relish in your ritual created in Western Australia will leave you feeling truly nourished.

Immerse your bathroom in aromas of traditional Japanese bathing


Bathing Rituals Are An Important Aspect Of Japanese Culture And Embody The Deep Connection The Japanese Have With Water. The Love Of Bathing In Japanese Culture Dates As Far Back As The 6th Century, Where Bathing Was Thought To Cleanse The Spirit, Following The Introduction Of Buddhist Purification Rituals. From The Early Introduction Of This Tradition, Public Bathing Rituals In Hot Springs Or Bath Houses Become Commonplace And It Was Considered Natural To Bathe Wearing Nothing At All.

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These Days, Japanese Bath Houses Almost Always Include A Large, Deep Bath, Known As An Ofuro, Which Allow People To Enjoy The Time Of Old Tradition Of Bathing. Bathing Is Not A Hurried Affair And Instead The Intention Is To Enjoy Time For Yourself. For A True Japanese Bathing Experience, It’s Traditional To Cleanse Your Body Before Getting Into The Water. While Sitting On A Stool, The Bather Can Scrub Away The Stress And Worries Of The Day Before Slowly Immersing Themselves In The Hot Water. After Soaking For A While, It’s Time For Another Rinse Before Relaxing Into The Final And Longest Soak In The Bath.

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Luxury bathing Experience at home.

At Luxury Bath Co., we want to help you recreate the calming experience of a Japanese bathing ritual in your own home. Rather than rushing through the process, we want you to slow down and enjoy the ritual of allowing your mind and body to relax. 

We’ve infused our Japanese-inspired range with essential oils including sandalwood, due to its calming effect and soothing properties, jasmine, with its ability to boost your mood and benefit the skin, and geranium, which is able to help regenerate the skin and diminish signs of ageing.

Benefits of Essential Oils.


Many benefits that come from using sandalwood essential oil and it can be inhaled directly or applied in a diluted form to the skin. Some of the common uses of sandalwood essential oil include:

Anxiety, Sleep issues, Mental alertness, Scalp care, Sexual health, Antiseptic, Skin health.

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