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Polynesian Bathing Ritual

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Polynesia has a rich and varied history, largely because it consists of a diverse number of independent nations, islands which are part of larger nations and self-governing entities. Polynesia consists of a triangle of over a thousand islands, including the Hawaiian Island, New Zealand And Easter Island. The culture in the region depends on the area you visit and there is so much history of explore. Our luxury bathing products are scented wiht tropical aromas of exotic islands. 

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The Local Communities Of The Various Polynesian Islands Had Their Own Bathing Rituals And It Would Depend On The Resources They Had Available To Them. For Example, In New Zealand The Maoris Used The Thermal Pools In The Region For Medicinal Purposes, Such As Skin Complaints And Rheumatic Diseases. For Hawaiians, The Coconut Is At The Centre Of Many Beauty Rituals And Is Particularly Beneficial For The Hair.
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Polynesia Is A Diverse Set Of Islands Which Have Abundant Natural Resources And A Rich Cultural History Unique To Each Area. Today, The Diverse And Beautiful Natural Resources That The Polynesian Islands Have To Offer Have Made Their Way Into Beauty Rituals In Spas Across The World. The Polynesian Bathing Ritual Is About Embracing Nature And Using Products Which Nourish Both The Body And The Mind.​

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At Luxury Bath Co., we want you to relax into your own Polynesian bathing ritual and enjoy the island aromas in our range of products. Included in the range is frangipani essential oil which not only brings an exotic scent to your ritual but also promotes inner peace and confidence, not to mention being a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Mango seed oil compliments the products by offering its healing properties to soothe and moisturise the skin. Our Polynesian bathing ritual also includes coconut oil which can help improve skin elasticity and has powerful antioxidant properties. Take some time for your own self-care by indulging in our Polynesian bathing ritual.

Benefits of Essential Oils.

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