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Absolutely amazing products! I’m in Love to great idea of reusable packaging. We all together can make our land clean from nasty plastic.
Elena Western Australia
Great product range offers! Great combination of Natural product style! Also was a great experience to hear the story behind from a talentive Person behind this beautiful product range !
Karolina Tanskanen
Amazing products, I’m in love with the bath salt. Everything smells soo good and the scent stays on the body after shower.
Sadeem Aburgeef
Tried Arabian Bath Ritual - it made my evening. Love the aroma and the fact that I’m doing my little bit for the planet by avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging. Thank you, Bathhouse!
Anastasiia Johns
The quality of the products is absolutely incredible! I’ve got and tried a bath salt, body lotion, hair shampoo and conditioner and can’t get enough of them!! They are so natural with very soft and velvety textures and each one of them has it’s own individual and absolutely irresistible aroma! Highly recommend!! This would also make a perfect Xmas gift for a special one or the whole family to enjoy!!
Elena Krasnova
Great product packaging using glass so it's reusable! Love the bath salt; smells amazing and super relaxing. Moisturizer works well; not oily and thick, just perfect. Highly recommend!
Fransiska Argasetya
Great natural smelling products! Nice conscious packaging.
I am absolutely in love with the products. When I began to do the bathing ritual, I could not get enough! It feel beautiful, smells divine, skin is left to feel silky smooth, moreover and very important - there is no rubbish left! Refillable glass bottles, safe for environment. I highly recommend!
Irina Avdeeva
Love this idea! Very stylish design in black, natural smell and good quality.
Valeriya Shevchenko
Perfect product for me and my daughter. The smell is divine and the feel of the skin and hair is very nice. I am hooked on it. Don’t want to use anything else after I used Arabian bathehouse range.
Tatiana Martin
I’ve tried the Arabian line with wonderful spicy smell of cinnamon. You only need a tiny squeeze of the products and it will take you a long way! The products are natural which is critical for me and made locally with the great sustainability idea behind the brand. My kids were fighting me to try the lotion and were loving the scent as well! I’m pleased someone had the wonderful idea of reuse and waste minimisation in beauty care! Fully support that!!!
Alena Speed
Amazing high quality body lotions and hair products - Highly recommend.
Maria Kuznetsova
Absolutely loved my Japanese ritual. Aroma is magnificent, simple but effective products. Shampoo washes, conditioner makes hair soft and shiny, body wash is nice and "soapy" and smells amazing! And to complete the ritual, not greasy, gentle body lotion to make my skin as soft as baby's bottom 🙂 Overall, Im very pleased with the whole experience and can't recommend it enough. Also, the fact that the packaging not only beuatiful but also very practical.
Victoria Smith
unbelivable products!!!!
Ada Shtern
who else loves a shampoo and conditioner that has all the essential oils and goodness in them for your hair and scalp.... these products from @bathehouse have all those... love that they are also Australian made and made full of love... they also make great decor piece in our bathrooms... they have a range of others goodies just like these for your skin and body.... I'm in love...

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