Online Shopping, deliveries and COVID19

With major retailers closing their doors, customers are looking to online shopping more than ever before. Ecommerce is a great solution to get the items you need and want, but a sudden surge in demand can cause some drawbacks. Retail and logistics experts say that online shopping remains permitted and encouraged, with Australia Post stating they are fully operational. 

What to Consider When Shopping Online

The first thing to keep in mind is you may experience a delay. Each business will have information regarding shipping and tracking on their website or you can contact them directly. This is due to shifts in capacity, changes in staff employment and any other local restrictions put in place. However, your goods will still be delivered to your door contact free. 

The next question you may have in mind is whether it is safe to even consider getting parcels delivered to you from various locations. In their article, GQ discusses this issue and provides expert advice from a doctor. They reassure their readers that consumers are not putting themselves in any danger by purchasing items online. The ideology behind this is that the virus would not stay alive in transit. 

While there is certainly a green light for shopping online, it is important to avoid hoarding the essential items, to ensure everyone has access to them. Business Insider goes into detail on the essentials needed for these trying times, and suggests how we should manage this.

At Luxury Bath Co. We Prioritise Your Safety

At Luxury Bath Co., we’ve designed our products to help you make sustainable choices. We provide you with reusable pouches to refill our glass bottles with the products you love; therefore, at Luxury Bath Co., we have always had high disinfecting standards. To ensure your well-being, we now apply further measures when handling the products you order. 

We are committed to the correct procedures to ensure your order arrives to you safely:

  • Our packaging space for products is inspected upon each order
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each use
  • Our highly trained staff is equipped with face masks and gloves, which are changed regularly
  • All surfaces are disinfected rigorously and frequently

With what is currently happening, we are washing our hands and bodies now more than ever. When we are leaving our homes we are putting ourselves at risk through daily requirements like shopping for groceries or going to work. Even small tasks like taking out your bins (if you live in an apartment).

We suggest cleansing your body as much as you can when possible. Bathing your whole body is ideal for ensuring you’re clean from head to toe from any germs you may come into contact with throughout the day.

At Luxury Bath Co. we are about easing stress and adopting relaxation into our lives. We provide a clean, world conscious product that comes without the waste. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.