Duo Bath Salt refill



The Duo set contains:

  • Bath Salt in the stylish glass jars 500 g
  • Refill pouch 500 g

Having a bath with a bath salt is a great way to relax and unwind after a long week. Our bath salts come packed with aromas inspired by ancient rituals of the world from regions of Arabia with Cinnamon & Rose, Japan with Sandalwood & Mandarin and Polynesia with Frangipani & Mango

Clean Beauty

Free of SLES, paragons, PEGs & Synthetic fragrances

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Made In Australia

Reusable Glass Bottles


Avoid greenwashing and reuse with duo bath salt set

We believe in the power of reusing:

  • You can reuse fashion with vintage luxury
  • Reuse food with re-creating dishes from dinner to lunch
  • Reuse beauty with refillable glass bottles

Style your bathroom with our unique glass bottles. For your convenience and our environment, the bottles are easily refilled.


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Is this product for me?

Our luxe bathing products gently cleanse moisturise your skin & hair. They are infused with natural, ethically sourced essential oil derived. Foam, rich and gentle formulas were created in Australia by natural beauty experts and delivered to you by local WA business.

All of our bathing products come in the elegant bottle made from durable glass with reusable pouches available for further refills.

Looking for eco-refills?

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Eco-refill pouches use 60%–90% less plastic than standard plastic bottles. Additionally, you can select a pre-paid return envelope at check out so you can return your used pouches to us for the next refill. You choose whether to reuse the pouch or not; either way, you will reduce your plastic waste footprint.
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