Stuck at home? Why don’t you use this time to style your bathroom…

How to Style Your Bathroom to Create the Ultimate Retreat

The bathroom is one of the few rooms in the house where you can truly take some time for yourself without interruptions. Spending time in the bathroom isn’t just about getting clean as quickly as possible and you should take some precious time for yourself to create a daily bathing practice which soothes your mind and body. With that in mind, it makes sense to style your bathroom to create a space which is as relaxing as possible. This doesn’t have to be expensive – all it takes are a few touches to have a welcome escape from your busy life.

Introduce some greenery

There’s nothing quite like some greenery to soften the whiteness of a bathroom and there are plenty of options to choose from. Some great plant choices are orchids or ferns, which tend to thrive in the humid conditions of the bathroom. You can also find some beautiful artificial flowers and put them on display in a vase.

Add some softness

Bathrooms can look a little stark which is why adding some softness can make all the difference. Choose luxurious towels which complement your desired colour scheme and put them on display – you can even invest in a wooden towel rack to soften the look. You can soften the edges of your bathroom with a bath mat or even a small rug if you have enough space.

Create some texture

An easy way to add character and warmth to your bathroom is to add some texture. This could be with the addition of a wooden stool or a wicker basket. A wooden bath tray is also a lovely addition and is a practical accessory when you relax into a bath. If you have a standard stainless steel towel rack, you could consider swapping it for something with a little more personality.

Invest in some candles

When it comes to setting the tone for a relaxing evening, it’s all about lighting. Candles in the bathroom make a welcome addition due to the their soft, warm light. Remember not to choose any candle you come across – take your time to choose a candle which suits your unique style. There are also scented candles available which can take your bathroom to the next level. You can opt for one or two larger feature candles or use smaller candles – create your own look with small jars and tealight candles. 

Put your products on display

To truly enjoy your bathroom, having some indulgent products to use in the bath or shower really adds a new level of relaxation However, this doesn’t mean that these products should be put away in a cupboard when they’re not being used. Choose products which feature attractive packaging so they can be an aesthetic feature as well as a functional addition. You can display them on their own on the edge of the bath or around the sink, or you can create a feature with different accessories.

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