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Skincare and beauty is not just about the visual effects on your body – it’s also about your overall wellbeing, it is about creating mindfulness and peace, aromatherapy is a great way to achieve it. Take the time to bathe yourself so you can immerse in the smells of luxurious authentic traditions and focus on your wellbeing.

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Luxury Bath Co. offers you a collection of simple products infused with essential oils and natural vegan ingredients, while free of SLES, paragons and PEG. We used a simple development process to create a luxurious bathing experience to clean and nourish your mind and body.

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At the heart of Luxury Bath Co. is a Australian-made collection of products which capture the essence of ancient bathing traditions from Arabia, Polynesia and Japan. Indulge in the unique experience that these cultures have to offer by creating an atmosphere of a day spa.

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Our Japanese-inspired range features jasmine, sandalwood and geranium.


Our Arabian bathing ritual features cinnamon, laurel, rose and olive oil.


Our Polynesian ritual incorporates aromas of frangipani, coconut and mango.


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